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Instructional Design For Modern Learning Environments

Researching, Aligning, Implementing, Supporting, & Refining Technology To Support Modern Learning Environments


Infrastructure Technology

Modern Learning Environments requires reliable aligned Infrastructure Technology (IT) to support management, instructional, learning, and assessment practices.

LeaderShift 2020

Reinventing Our Schools For Extraordinary & Uncertain Times

Helping passionate educational stakeholders collaboratively create, implement, and support modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices.


Educational Technology

Modern Learning Environments are enhanced through Educational Technologies to support engaging instructional practices that improve student learning by aligning to Universal Design For Learning (UDL) principles.

Strategic Planning

Continuous Improvement Planning

Capturing a baseline understanding of the organization's practices as a means to collaboratively develop a strategic planning process that focuses on continuous improvement.

IT - ET Leadership

It's not about the technology but it is...

Educational leaders continue to struggle with the fundamental perceptions and misconceptions related to the use of Infrastructure Technology (IT) and Educational Technology (ET) to support modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Leaders can no longer afford to use hope as a tactic or rely on classroom teachers when it comes to selecting, aligning, and integrating technology into modern learning environments. Leaders need to develop a comprehensive understanding of how to design, build, and align IT-ET infrastructure and practices to foster and support transformational educational practices.

Proven Results

with a systematic framework based on years of experience

IT-ET Leadership Skills 101%
Instructional Design For Learning 90%
IT-ET Infrastructure 80%
IT-ET Service Model 70%
Monitoring & Reporting 65%

Guiding IT-ET Practices

Modern Learning Environments

Making informed decisions from a baseline understanding of the existing culture and innovative action research practices.




Years of Experience

LeaderShift 2020: Reinventing Our Schools For Extraordinary & Uncertain Times

IT-ET Shift Happens - Passionate IT-ET LeadershipThe SB21 team is very excited to announce the release of the LeaderShift 2020: Reinventing Our Schools For Extraordinary & Uncertain Times. The LeaderShift 2020 professional learning series provides prospective and practicing educational leaders throughout the globe with a comprehensive framework based on 6 pillars, 35 elements, and 229 indicators to foster the instructional leadership essential to promote modern schooling and, in turn, best prepare our students for their life and work in this unprecedented, complex and complicated world.

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The LeaderShift 2020 professional learning series is comprised of a cluster of three online or blended course offerings, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the busy lives of the modern educator. Individuals can opt to participate purely for their own professional growth and development (15 PD Credit Hours), or also choose to apply their experience towards graduate course credit (3 credit/course; a total of 9 credit.).

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If you have any questions about how we can help your organization select and align IT and ET practices to support modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices, please provide a brief description of your next project and one of our consultants will follow-up to discuss next steps.

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