Multi-Boot Hardware Solution

What is the EFi-X™?

The EFi-X™ is a Multiboot Processing Unit (or MPU). It enables you to boot multiple operating system with one computer system.

Who makes the EFi-X™?

Art Studios® Entertainment Media, also known as ASEM is responsible for both the designing, creating and manufacturing of the EFi-X™.

How many versions of the EFi-X™ are there?

The current version being produced right now is version 1.1 (known as V1.1). The very first version produced by ASEM was V1.0. There was a small revision made to a very limited amount of units designated V1.01 but as far as firmware is concerned the V1.01 is the same as the V1.0. As with other products in the computer industry, updates are constantly being made. The next EFi-X™ version planned is V2.0 and more versions will continue after. Like Apple, for example, each new model takes the place of the existing model. The EFi-X™ is similar.

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