Screenium 2 - Synium Software

Screenium 2 – Synium Software

Synium is very proud to announce Screenium 2, a major update to their popular screencast recording swiss army knife. Screenium allows users to capture everything on a Mac’s screen in order to create tutorial videos or capture presentations. Screenium 2 offers a brand new video editor for creating stunning compositions of captured videos
What’s new?
The new editor features everything you expect from modern video editing software; arrange contents on different tracks, add audio to your movie, cut out unneeded parts like the long time it took the browser to load a page and display text. Animations are easy to achieve using animation markers. Set the start values, set the end values and you’re all set. Screenium takes care of the rest.

Smart Zoom
Screenium does not stop here. Smart Zoom lets you zoom to individual mouse clicks to highlight even better what you were doing. When recording full screen, Screenium also records in what window you were working and offers you to always zoom to that window.
Pre-configured animations
With all the flexibility Screenium’s editor offers, you can always do faster. Use pre-configured animations that you just drag and drop onto your movies. Fade video in and out or have it slide in or out to or from any side.
Screenium comes with lots of video effects. Emphasize or obscure certain parts of your recording or use effects just to be creative. This can come very handy when you don’t want the public to see names or addresses that appear in your recording. Screenium also offers lots of audio effects from compressors to equalizers to filters.
Chapter Marks
Chapter marks allow you to divide your screencast into individual sections, each directly accessible. Give your customers the possibility to jump directly to the main part or the Q&A section close to the end, or just allow them to watch a chapter again. Chapter marks even work on iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.

  • Until March 15th 2012, Screenium 2 is available with a 25% discount for $29.99 / 23,99€. After that, the regular price of $39.99 / 31,99€ will apply. Screenium is available in the Mac App Store or in our Web Store.
  • Upgrades from Screenium 1 are available for $14.99 / 11,99€ on the product page. If you purchased Screenium after January 1st 2011 you can upgrade to Screenium 2 for free. If you bought Screenium 1 at our Web Store you should have already received a free license key by email. If you bought Version 1 at the Mac App Store you can download the Upgrade for free by opening the Mac App Store application.

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later (10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion are fully supported)
  • 1,5 Ghz Processor (PowerPC or Intel)

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