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Aerohive and AppleDelivering a High Quality Wi-Fi Connected Apple Device ExperienceWith the explosion of iOS and OS X devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and the MacBook and iMac, improved Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming a critical part of delivering a high-quality Apple device experience. If Wi-Fi connectivity is poor or broken, Apple user could associate this with the devices they are holding in their hands instead of the real culprit: the Wi-Fi infrastructure.Two Common Causes of a Poor Wi-Fi Experience AreConsumer-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure is usually purchased in a retail store and installed by the customer. Consumer-grade Wi-Fi often works at an acceptable level for a few undemanding devices in a single Acces Point AP deployment, but poorly in a more typical environment where there are many demanding devices and more than one AP needed.Complex Enterprise-grade Controller-based Wi-Fi infrastructure is intended to support a large number of demanding devices. This type of Wi-Fi infrastructure can deliver a poor connectivity experience as it is complex to deploy, difficult to configure and manage, and often not set up exactly as intended even with professional installation. It is significantly more expensive, and when it is time to expand the Wi-Fi for more coverage or to handle more Apple devices the expense and complexity continues.

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