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iPad in the Enterprise: A videoconferencing dream machine?by Tom Kaneshige , CIO   Apr 10, 2012 6:20 amEditor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from CIO.com. Visit CIO’s Macs in the Enterprise page.SIMILAR ARTICLESReview: The third-generation iPadReview: The iPad 2Live Update: Apple talks iPhoneUS P-to-P companies will disappear, exec saysThe original iPad: Macworlds complete reviewThis is Tim: Apple CEO talks at investment conferenceWhat does the new iPad mean to business?Three IT workers with iPads gathered around a whiteboard in a conference room in Boston to figure out how to improve a long-standing technical service—and running into more questions than answers.It would have been the beginning of an arduous process that included drafting inadequate original business requirements and technical design documents, circulating them to employees inside the operations groups around the world for comment and review, making revisions, and re-circulating improved documents.Instead, the IT workers struck upon an idea: With only three clicks or taps to launch and set up the newly arrived Cisco Jabber app on their iPads, they created a videoconference and invited a key employee in India to answer some of their questions. In doing so, they no longer needed back-and-forth emails and revisions.“We went from 10 business days of communication down to an hour,” says Mike Fitzgerald, managing director and head of information systems at Eagle Investment Systems, a global technology solutions provider serving the financial services industry. Fitzgerald was also in the conference room.

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