PIX Video Recorders | Sound Devices, LLC

PIX Video Recorders | Sound Devices, LLC

Sound Devices PIX 220 and PIX 240 video recorders add Quicktime recording using Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD to any HDMI-or HD-SDI equipped high-definition video camera. The portable PIX 220 (HDMI-only) and its sibling the PIX 240 (HDMI and HD-SDI) record Quicktime files to CompactFlash cards or removable 2.5-inch solid-state hard drives.

Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD video formats have emerged as industry standards. These I-frame codecs offer the best in picture quality, processing efficiency, and data storage requirements. They are ideal for editing, on-the-fly color grading, and video processing. Files recorded in the field on a PIX recorder are ready for the most popular editorial workflows.

Superb Audio Performance

With deep expertise in production audio and hard drive-based audio recorders, Sound Devices built the PIX recorders with the highest audio performance. The audio circuitry on the PIX 220 and PIX 240 are based on Sound Devices award-winning 7-Series Digital Audio Recorders. The low-noise (-128 dBu equivalent input noise), high-bandwidth inputs are mic/line switchable and include limiters, high-pass filters, and 48V phantom power. The audio source is menu-selected between embedded HDMI audio, embedded HD-SDI audio (PIX 240 only) or balanced audio connected to PIX.

Premium microphone preamps, on balanced XLR, mic/line selectable with 48V phantom, limiters, high-pass

-128 dBu input noise, 115 dB dynamic range A/D

AES3 digital inputs 2 x 2 channels (PIX 240)

Two-channel, line level balanced output on 5-pin XLR

Embedded audio on HDMI, 2 channels

Embedded audio on HD-SDI, 8 channels (PIX 240)

High output, low-noise headphone amp

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