ScopeBox – Green Screen Scoping Solution

See your video in a new light. ScopeBox’s video preview shows you every pixel of your image, exactly as you’re shooting it. The monitor calibration ensures that the colors you see accurately represent your video as well.

Too Hot to Handle

With the option to overlay Zebras, you can see exactly what in your image is overexposed. Keep an eye on your highlights and make sure you don’t lose anything to clipped whites. Combine this with Chroma Zebras which show you what colors are overexposed, and you can quickly light and expose a shot without ever looking away from the preview.


To help you frame your shot, ScopeBox includes a number of overlay features. Center marks, rule of thirds, letterbox masks, title safe and graphics safe are all available. In addition, you can overlay any QuickTime movie or image – great for framing greenscreen shots or shooting around lower 3rds and other graphics package elements.

Focus Assist

Right inside the preview palette you can quickly zoom in to see what your pixels look like 1:1 or 2:1. The focus assist option adds peaking on edges to make focusing even easier. Make sure your focus is spot on, and quickly jump back out to frame the shot and keep shooting.

via ScopeBox : Features.

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