Tools On Air Broadcast GmbH - TV Station in a Mac - Apple based broadcast solutions

Tools On Air Broadcast GmbH – TV Station in a Mac – Apple based broadcast solutions

just:live is designed to meet the fast-paced, time-consuming demands of live TV broadcast, including news, sports and talk shows. just:live manages your on-air videos and real-time graphics in any live situation, providing you with total control over video playout and real- time graphics.

ToolsOnAir family of products

just:live is part of the ToolsOnAir Broadcast Suite, a complete set of powerful video production tools designed to create a professional TV broadcast facility on the proven Apple Macintosh platform.


With its intuitive, timeline-based, single screen interface, just:live enables TV broadcasters to manage news and other live content, seamlessly integrating the playout of video files with still and real- time dynamic graphics.


just:live is designed to deliver the high-quality video and audio playout you expect from a professional broadcast environment. Brilliant video can be achieved by using Apple’s advanced high-quality ProRes codec, or even uncompressed video and real-time graphics based on Apple‘s extensible Quartz technology.


just:live is more than just a playout solution. With its innovative, customizable timeline-based user interface, just:live enables you to playout video and real-time graphics, including inserts, tickers and RSS feeds – all from a single workstation.

Using just:live’s integrated timeline, operators can easily monitor the progress of currently playing clips, while simultaneously building a rundown sequence which can be operated by a single mouse-click. Each clip can be assigned its own unique playout attributes, such as play next, cue, reload and loop.

Using the real-time input from standard off-the-shelf AJA video devices, just:live enables the overlay of real-time graphics or video (with alpha channel), without the need for an external video switcher. Up to four streams of uncompressed real-time graphics can be added independently to your live feed or QuickTime movie. For a traditional broadcast workflow, just:live delivers Key and Fill (depending on the hardware used) functionality to overlay from an external switcher.


Based on Apple’s proven, robust Mac OS X, just:live is a fully native Apple Xcode development, compatible with any current Apple Mac Pro and Mac mini model (please consult the System requirements).

Designed for tapeless workflows, just:live fully integrates into Apple’s Xsan, Tiger Technology’s MetaSAN and Apple’s Final Cut Server technology.

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