Active Storage Solution – XRaid – Promise Unit Migration Solution

Until now, the Apple Xserve was the Metadata Controller of choice for Xsan installations, providing enterprise form factor and capabilities.

Xsan users in high-pressure Media and Entertainment markets require datacenter-level quality products to manage their SAN volumes, but also demand the ease of use and setup of Xsan.

Previously, that meant one thing: Xsan on an Xserve. But all that changes—with ActiveSAN.

Designed to be the best Metadata Controller for Xsan and StorNext® installations, ActiveSAN is much more than a generic server with StorNext® software loaded on it. ActiveSAN is a fully integrated Metadata Controller solution consisting of a highly innovative Intel Xeon server-based appliance that features a straightforward design for easy installation and serviceability. It combines stunning Active Storage product design and the rock-solid performance and reliability of the Intel Nehalem platform in a 1U rack form factor. ActiveSAN utilizes an enterprise hardened Linux operating system and the Quantum StorNext® SAN file system.

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