Cybersmart - About Cybersmart - Australian Cyber Awareness Program

Cybersmart – About Cybersmart – Australian Cyber Awareness Program

What is Cybersmart?

Cybersmart is a national cybersafety and cybersecurity education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), as part of the Australian Government’s 2008 commitment ($125.8 million over 4 years) to cybersafety. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of its target audiences of children, young people, parents, teachers and library staff.

Cybersmart aims to:

Inform children, young people, parents, teachers and library staff about cybersafety issues

Educate audiences through information, resources and practical advice

Empower children and young people to be safe online.

The program includes:

The comprehensive Cybersmart website and a range of information and resources designed to meet the needs of children, young people, parents, teachers, and library staff. All resources are provided free of charge in Australia.

The Cybersmart Outreach Professional Development for Educators program – a cohesive, full day program, tightly structured to meet the researched needs of the teacher audience.

The Pre-Service Teacher program for trainee teachers, educating future teachers on the trends and issues that will affect their students online, in school and in the home.

Online Professional Development program, Connect.ed, designed to complement our face-to-face Professional Development for Educators program.

Internet Safety Awareness presentations for teachers, parents, teens and children –targeted one hour presentations, available in metropolitan and regional centres throughout Australia. These sessions provide topical and targeted information about the risks confronting children online and offer appropriate tools and strategies to help make their experiences safe and positive.

Interactive Shared Learning programs Cybersmart Detectives and Cybersmart Hero, educating young people in an engaging and interactive format, and encouraging them to think for themselves about solutions to cybersafety issues.

The Cybersmart Online Helpline – a service for young people who have experienced issues online.

The Cybersafety Contact Centre—a national telephone centre providing online safety information, advice and access to resources for all Australians.

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