Alberta Education - Provincial Microsoft Licensing

Alberta Education – Provincial Microsoft Licensing

Alberta Education’s previous Provincial Microsoft License (PML) and Operating System/Enterprise Client Access Licensing (OS/ECAL) agreements expired as of May 31, 2013. The current agreement, which started June 1, 2013, includes the same software products but is structured in a different way.  Instead of having two agreements (PML and OS/ECAL), these are combined into one Provincial […]

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Alberta Education – How the Accountability Pillar works

The Accountability Pillar uses data on student achievement from Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams, and information on perceived quality of education using survey data from students, parents, and teachers (conducted between January and March each year). It also uses additional student outcome data such as drop out rates (page 57), high school completion rates (page […]

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Alberta Education – Accountability Pillar

Alberta has developed an innovative way of measuring school authority performance to ensure we continue to provide the best possible education opportunities for all of our students. The Accountability Pillar along with equitable funding and flexibility and the three pillars of the renewed funding framework.  School authorities receive equitable funding and have maximum flexibility in […]

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Alberta Education – Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning

Alberta Education’s Emerge Laptop Learning Project was initiated in response to a growing trend toward one-to-one mobile computing. In September 2006, Alberta Education issued a Call for Proposals from Alberta school jurisdictions interested in research-based one-to-one wireless learning initiatives that supported specific educational goals within Grades 4-12. As a result, 20 school jurisdictions became part of the Emerge Laptop […]

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Alberta Education – Participants – 26 Projects

Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School District   No. 150   Inspiring and Supporting Learning This project will implement timely deployment, maintenance and inventory of mobile equipment to support 21st century learning.  Management processes and software customization will be completed over the jurisdiction’s wireless network infrastructure with the intent to efficiently image, inventory, support and sustain laptops in […]

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Alberta Education – Learning and Technology Policy Framework

The Learning and Technology Policy Framework (2013) is a major step towards realizing one of the four policy shifts identified by Inspiring Education. Policy Shift 4: Technology to Support the Creation and Sharing of Knowledge is critical to achieving the vision of supporting students to become engaged thinkers and ethical citizens, with an entrepreneurial spirit. When […]

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Alberta Education – Technology and High School Success

In July 2007, Alberta Education issued a Call for Proposals from Alberta school authorities and charter schools interested in exploring the use of technology to improve student engagement and success in high school.  As a result, 24 school authorities became part of the Technology and High School Success project, which involved over 22,000 students and 420 teachers at […]

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School Technology Services Online

School Technology Services Online. Alberta Education has been offering courses in conjunction with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Edmonton that support the three areas of the School Technology Services Program – IT Governance, IT Management and Information Security Management – for school authority senior leaders and IT staff. This year we are […]

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