Tablet and E-reader Ownership Update | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

The number of Americans ages 16 and older who own tablet computers has grown to 35%, and the share who have e-reading devices like Kindles and Nooks has grown to 24%. Overall, the number of people who have a tablet or an e-book reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43%. via Tablet […]

Feeding Our Students’ Reading Interests with RSS | Edutopia

Anyone reading this post right now — whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone — knows that the interfaces for reading have indeed changed. Whereas just a decade ago, touchscreens were still a novelty, today they permeate our lives. And, according the Pew Internet Project, teens have a device ownership rate of 68 percent for […]

7 Ways Teaching Has Changed

This Is The World Teachers Must Adapt To: 7 Ways Teaching Has Changed by Terry Heick Teachers are the arbitrators of knowledge and culture. Knowledge and culture are each dynamic, endlessly crashing and churning. This makes teaching significantly important and difficult work, and can leave teaching—as a craft—wide-eyed and nonplussed in response. Worse, those outside […]

Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader | Talk Video | TED

There are many leadership programs available today, from 1-day workshops to corporate training programs. But chances are, these won’t really help. In this clear, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and shares the three simple but crucial questions would-be company chiefs need to ask to thrive in the […]

Why we’re betting the Chromebook isn’t just another interactive whiteboard

Why we’re betting Chromebooks aren’t just another interactive whiteboard Posted on March 4, 2014 by Daniel Foster One thing we’ve noticed after 25 years in the educational technology space is that software products don’t get a lot of play on Parent Teacher Conference night. Teachers and school board members can easily point to a stack […]

Teaching the World through Open Learning

Teaching the World through Open Learning Posted on March 6, 2013 by Will Verchereau Michael Busby is working hard to teach the world about geography through open, online learning. Michael has a degree in Geography from Central Missouri State University and a master’s degree from Murray State University with a specialty in Geographic Information Systems […]

A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning – Michael Fullan

A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning POSTED JANUARY 22, 2014 IN NEWS BY ADMIN Authors: Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy Michael Fullan and Sir Michael Barber, chief education advisor to Pearson, former head of McKinsey’s Global Education Practice and UK government advisor, will lead the launch of A Rich Seam at Pearson’s […]

Alberta Education – Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity

Every student brings a unique assortment of strengths, challenges and preferences to the learning environment, and schools across Alberta continue to strive to support success for all students in inclusive classrooms. Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity is an Alberta Education research project involving five school authorities (Fort Vermilion School Division, Rocky […]