ISTE Standards

ISTE developed the ISTE Standards (formerly known as the NETS) with input from the field and pioneered their use among educators. The ISTE Standards are the standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. The family of ISTE Standards — ISTE Standards for Students (ISTE Standards•S), ISTE […]

Five key steps to upgrading your wireless network | eSchool News | eSchool News

Implementation of wireless infrastructure to support online testing will be a significant hurdle, as 70 percent of K-12 schools currently lack the wireless network performance or wired broadband internet connectivity needed to make this a success, according to Compounding the problem is a new wireless standard, 802.11ac, which should be considered as part of […]

? Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education – YouTube

Daphne Koller is enticing top universities to put their most intriguing courses online for free — not just as a service, but as a way to research how people learn. With Coursera (cofounded by Andrew Ng), each keystroke, quiz, peer-to-peer discussion and self-graded assignment builds an unprecedented pool of data on how knowledge is processed. […]