Day 3 - JNUC - Jamf Nation Conference

Day 3 – JNUC – Jamf Nation Conference

Session One – Achieve the Apple Trifecta – Using DEP – VPP and Jamf Software Need to reference keynote presentation. Tons of information. *Need to look at DEP and Jamf JSS workflow to ensure the users can still connect the iPad to a computer and the iPad is still supervised. Session Two – The JSS […]

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Day Two – JNUC Conference – Wednesday Oct 22nd

Jamf Nation discussion boards a great place to post and or review Jamf Administrator career opportunities. JNUC attendance increasing year by year. 1300 participants this year. Session One Chris Smaistig and Randon Ruggles discuss the VPP workflow between the JSS and Apple programs. Key findings were that the JSS VPP invitation does not need to […]

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JNUC – Jamfsoftware Users Conference 2014-2015 – Tuesday Day One

Tuesday – Day One – Guthrie Theatre – Minneapolis – St. Paul Keynote Speakers Chip, Wudi and Zach reviewed the JNUC and company success over the last 10 years. Zach and Wudi discussed some major enhancements to the JSS workflow. 1. Distribution Server 2.0 2. Personal BYOD Enrolment Features 3. Bushel Project 4. Patch Management […]

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How to Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk | Leadership Freak

10 ways to be an aggressive jerk-leader:Feel superior. Leverage the power of title. You deserve it.Focus on things you don’t want and don’t like.Let yourself feel pushed around until you feel the need to push back.Begin sentences with “You!” Make it about others.Expect others to meet your needs while you neglect theirs.Give direction without explanation.Feel sorry for […]

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