Day Two - JNUC Conference - Wednesday Oct 22nd

Day Two – JNUC Conference – Wednesday Oct 22nd

Jamf Nation discussion boards a great place to post and or review Jamf Administrator career opportunities.

JNUC attendance increasing year by year. 1300 participants this year.

Session One

VPP Session

Chris Smaistig and Randon Ruggles discuss the VPP workflow between the JSS and Apple programs. Key findings were that the JSS VPP invitation does not need to the the email address of the Apple ID assigned to the user. The user is prompted once the email address is received to use whatever Apple ID they use to authenticate and accept the VPP request. So organizations can use the a common institution email address to ensure there are not issues with receiving the request.

Session Two – Unwrap the Image Enigma

Imaging Session

Steve Wood from Integer Group

Discussing monolithic imaging vs modular image deployment.

Thin imaging or hybrid imaging discusses how to complete updates to the OS and applications on pre-imaging scripts.

Imaging Steps:

Booting the image. Netboot – External Drive – Target Disk Mode

Apply image – Fat – Modular – Thin

Verify image after imaging. Checking log files for the imaging process.

Imaging – AutoDMG – successor to InstaDMG


Jamf JSS netboot creator AutoCasperNBI from Ben Toms

*Important to create light or small netboot images. Key to enable root user and enable JSS certificate. Capture the high OS.

Use System Image Utility to create the NBI. Use the same machine.

JamfHelp, Enrolment and Clean Up, Software Update Scripts

Rsync data transfer for data transfer

Pixar’s Metro deployment workflow developing a zero touch workflow.

True Zero Touch with DEP and Casper coming.

1. Order from Apple

2. Assest tag

3. Give you user and DEP program would deployment all company Apps to the end user. Self Service would deploy custom packages after the fact.

4. Need to develop user document transfer.

Session Three – Auto Update Magic Keep Apple Updates Current Using Casper and AutoPkgr

Auto Magic Package Updates

Elliot Jordan Linde Group

Apps can be running for the backdrop scripting update to work.

AutoPkg – Greg Neagle, Tim Sutton Per Olofsson

jss-autopkg-addon – James Barclay, Elliot Jordan, Josh Senick, Eldon Ahrold

Three different ways:

1. Self Service Only

AutoPkg imports new versions of packages directly into your JSS, creates a Self Service Policy, and scopes it to the Testing group.

Easy to configure

2. Auto Update to Test Group

3. Auto Update to complete JSS

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