ETAD Studio Reflection – Universal Design For Learning, Modalities and Multi-Access Learning

I had a great opportunity to get introduced to yet another variable of Universal Design For Learning (UDL) at the ETAD Studio conference hosted in Muenster, Saskatchewan. The yearly ETAD Studio event represents a three-day conference where educators, instructional design, innovation, and technology specialists meet to share current experiences and practices. One of the 2015 ETAD event speakers […]

What’s The Market Place For Cloud Based Video Conferencing Bridge Solutions

In this age where there are a variety of enterprise and free video conferencing solutions; educational institutions can be faced with providing a reliable video conferencing platform to ensure consistent program delivery. This can result in standardizing on free solutions like FaceTime, Google+ Hangouts and or Skype technologies. The challenge with this approach is there are various […]

The Hound Project is pushing the limits on voice recognition. Assistive Technology at another level.

The California-based SoundHound product releases a demo on YouTube. If this is any idea what speech recognition will look like in the future. The future looks bright. I can not image how this will impact educational applications. The world of education and research will change if you know how to ask the question. Sign […]