IT Meets ET - ISTE 2017 Presentation

IT Meets ET – ISTE 2017 Presentation

Session One – It’s Not About The Technology… But It is

IMG_7432This workshop is specifically designed to examine the fundamental perceptions and misconceptions related to the use of IT and ET as effective drivers of change. This workshop is designed to guide leaders in the development of a comprehensive understanding of how to design, build, and align an IT-ET infrastructure that fosters and supports transformational educational practices. Developing a comprehensive baseline awareness of organizational culture prior to implementing change initiatives can be used to support the shared visioning, strategic action planning, and systematic/systemic decision-making that is needed to promote modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the critical leadership factors related to the successful visioning, planning, implementation, and alignment of infrastructure technology (IT) and education technology (ET) services necessary to support of an organization’s ability to anticipate and respond to ongoing societal changes that are fundamentally transforming the way that teachers teach and students learn. The workshop focuses on:

Promoting innovative leadership, pedagogy, and an understanding of the impact of IT-ET infrastructure on modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices.

  • Addressing schools as systemic organizations
  • Promoting exemplary teaching, learning, and assessment practices.
  • Developing a culture of innovation, risk taking that balances accountability and compliance expectations
  • Developing collaborative instructional design frameworks that support best practice sharing.
  • Aligning IT-ET infrastructure and services to support and amplify the accomplishment of organizational goals.


Session Two – LeaderShift 2020: Reinventing Our Schools For Extraordinary and Uncertain Times


This approach is specifically designed to equip participants with a diagnostic and prescriptive solution for school renewal driven by a process to guide shared visioning, strategic action planning, and systematic decision-making, all in support of modern teaching, learning, and assessment. Specifically, participants will leave the workshop with an instilled belief that the best of modern learning organizations:

  • are diagnostically and prescriptively strategic in their practices; think differently and are not limited by traditional, industrially-based mindsets;
  • promote innovative leadership and pedagogy across all layers and roles of the community;
  • are cognizant and understanding of schools as systemic organizations, and understand how they thrive to promote exemplary teaching, student learning, and achievement practices;
  • have respect for risk-taking and failure and do not react to these terms with negative connotations
  • but rather with appreciation, curiosity, and desire to identify cause and prescription for improvement;
  • promote an empathetic, collegial and collaborative culture; and
  • have student learning at the core of its mission.
July 2017