SB21 Pulse Assessment Framework

SB21 Pulse Assessment Framework

SB21 Pulse Assessment Framework Is Scalable, Flexible & Customizable

SpringBoard21 Pulse Assessment Framework is designed to serve individual districts, a consortium of districts, statewide administration or a scaled national rollout. This design allows SpringBoard21 Pulse the adaptability to best address the needs of those we serve, regardless of the size and scope of those we are to serve.SB21 Pulse Assessment Framework

SB21 Educational Solution Strategic Partnerships

At SpringBoard21, we believe in building strong strategic alliances throughout the educational community to help expand the reach of SpringBoard21 Pulse and identify potential opportunities to deliver certain aspects of our “Pulse” program. We further believe these potential opportunities to be mutually beneficial and productive with regards to the provision of collaborative professional development and consulting to support schools as they look to address areas of developing a need.

SpringBoard21 is the birth of a new dawn in education from a new partnership between TMI EducationInfoSavvy21, and IT-ET Shift Happens

SpringBoard21 is about transforming education through gathering and analyzing data to determine a school organization’s Return on EducationTM and to identify areas of developing a need to help schools:

1. better align strategic, financial, human and capital resources in support of needs-aligned strategic planning, best-practice instruction and professional development; and
2. promote authentic-based learning environments (ABLE’s) that will “empower” students in sustained standards-based authentic learning environments that better prepare them for success in life and work in the modern age, and that will “energize” leadership and “excite” teachers.

SpringBoard21 has developed proprietary methodologies, protocols, tools and resources to help schools achieve this transformation through a variety of pioneer programs including, but not limited to:

1. SpringBoard21 Pulse – gathering and analyzing data to determine a school’s “Return on EducationTM” and identify areas of developing need across the entire school organization, from strategic planning to classroom instruction, from leadership and communication to morale and culture

2. LeaderShift 2020 – the renewal of a curriculum that supports authentic-based instruction and assessment.

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