Next Gen Toys - AI and Siri On Steroids

Next Gen Toys – AI and Siri On Steroids

Next Generation Toys

Next Generation Toys

Jean M. Twenge recently published a thought-provoking article titled “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation“. I will be the first to admit I haven’t read the “parenting book” from cover to cover and I have made my share of parenting mistakes. I am not sure any parent or technology company for that matter could anticipate the societal impact that Smartphone technology would have on the generations to come, especially when one reflects on the fact that the iPhone was only released 10 years ago.

In just 10 years the physical activity, social behaviors, eating habits, sleeping habits, drinking habits, drug habits, peer interaction, family dynamics, and mental health issues in young people are transforming before our eyes.


What happened in 2012 to cause such dramatic shifts in behavior? It was after the Great Recession, which officially lasted from 2007 to 2009 and had a starker effect on Millennials trying to find a place in a sputtering economy. But it was exactly the moment when the proportion of Americans who owned a smartphone surpassed 50 percent.

Disturbing Trends

In a 2016 poll in the UK, three-quarters of the children spend less time outside than prison inmates, according to a new survey revealing the extent to which time playing in parks, wood and fields has shrunk. A fifth of the children did not play outside at all on an average day. 

Next Generation Toys

The next generation of toys is poised to hit the market this year and makes me shudder to think the impact these types of toys will have on a child’s social development, communication skills, and family dynamics. Can you imagine the next toy that your infant or young child is going to play with is going to have Siri like technology designed around the next generation artificial intelligence and 24/7 video surveillance capabilities?

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