iOS Technology Devices

Update and reflections on iOS technological devices that can be used in an educational environment.

Day 3 – JNUC – Jamf Nation Conference

Session One – Achieve the Apple Trifecta – Using DEP – VPP and Jamf Software Need to reference keynote presentation. Tons of information. *Need to look at DEP and Jamf JSS workflow to ensure the users can still connect the iPad to a computer and the iPad is still supervised. Session Two – The JSS […]

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9 Starter Tips for Teachers Who Just Got iPads

teachers-new-to-ipads.png 1,280×720 pixels. iPads provide a means to truly change the learning and instructional process in the classroom. We are making the transition from a mobile laptop environment to BYOD program, iPad Deployment and cloud collaboration tools. The shift to “Process Based Instruction” requires teachers to focus on using technology to accomplish a given outcome […]

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Create iPhone Rootkits Like Youre the NSA – The State of Security

In a recently leaked document it was revealed that the NSA had a project called “Dropout Jeep”. The purpose of the program was to install a rootkit on an iPhone that would allow calls and other information to be intercepted, as well as enable the device as a microphone, track location and other activities. A […]

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Get Started | ClassFlow

Welcome to ClassFlow! ClassFlow offers the opportunity for educators to engage their students in exciting new ways, while delivering dynamic lessons that can be adjusted in real time in response to students’ needs. via Get Started | ClassFlow.

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? Faster and safer than typing a password. Just Knock. – YouTube

? Faster and safer than typing a password. Just Knock. – YouTube.

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iPads in Education |

Great iOS and iPad resource site. iPads in Education |

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Blooms, SAMR & the 3 C’s – iSupport

Doug Loader’s reflection on iPad integration in relationship to Bloom’s Taxonomy and the SAMR Model – Puentedura’s via Blooms, SAMR & the 3 C’s – iSupport.

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JAMF: Casper Suite 9.3 released

Last Wednesday, JAMF software announced the latest version of its Casper Suite, a end-to-end Mac and iOS deployment and management suite that is used in both education and enterprise environments. The update largely focuses on new enterprise management capabilities that Apple first detailed last month. Those updated features include the zero-touch Device Enrollment Program for iOS devices purchased in bulk be an organization and updates […]

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Alberta Education – Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity

Every student brings a unique assortment of strengths, challenges and preferences to the learning environment, and schools across Alberta continue to strive to support success for all students in inclusive classrooms. Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity is an Alberta Education research project involving five school authorities (Fort Vermilion School Division, Rocky […]

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Microsoft Losing Next Generation of Office Users by Delaying iOS Release – Mac Rumors

Microsoft has a complete version of Office ready for release on the iPhone and the iPad, according to a new report from Reuters. The software is said to be ready to go as soon as new CEO Satya Nadella decides on a launch date. via Microsoft Losing Next Generation of Office Users by Delaying iOS […]

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June 2020