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? Moment of Discovery – Visionary Educational Leadership – What Does the Future Hold?

This video truly demonstrates how Apple envisioned education in the future. It is critical for every organization to have staff that can plan for a tomorrow that few can see. Leadership and risking taking are important elements when it comes to implementing or preparing for change. [youtube] via ? Moment of Discovery – YouTube.

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Create iPhone Rootkits Like Youre the NSA – The State of Security

In a recently leaked document it was revealed that the NSA had a project called “Dropout Jeep”. The purpose of the program was to install a rootkit on an iPhone that would allow calls and other information to be intercepted, as well as enable the device as a microphone, track location and other activities. A […]

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Marvell outfits its chips for the internet of things — Tech News and Analysis

Marvell is also supporting Apple’s Wireless Access Configuration with its software for the Wi-Fi chips and the software necessary for devices to gain certification under the Made for iPhone program that will be central to Apple’s current plans for the smart home. It’s also supporting connections to a variety of cloud vendors focused on the […]

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How to Make Animated GIFs on iPhone Easily with GifMill

How to Make Animated GIFs on iPhone Easily with GifMillMay 30, 2014 – Leave a Comment   Animated GIFs are little moving images and they can be a lot of fun, particularly since they can be sent and received playing through iMessages to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. While the iOS Camera is packed with plenty […]

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Get Started | ClassFlow

Welcome to ClassFlow! ClassFlow offers the opportunity for educators to engage their students in exciting new ways, while delivering dynamic lessons that can be adjusted in real time in response to students’ needs. via Get Started | ClassFlow.

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5 iPhone Camera Tips to Make You a Better Photographer

Many iPhone users rely entirely on the iPhone as their camera of choice, so why not take the best pictures possible? That’s what these Camera app tips are for, helping you snap better photos and making you a better photographer by taking advantage of some of the wonderful features that are built into the camera […]

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Network Analyzer, Network Analysis, Network Analyzer Software

InterMapper provides a real-time view of your network. Auto-discovery makes it easy to find all devices with an IP address. InterMapper’s flexibility enables you to visualize your network the way you want … Learn uMore via Network Analyzer, Network Analysis, Network Analyzer Software.

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Five key steps to upgrading your wireless network | eSchool News | eSchool News

Implementation of wireless infrastructure to support online testing will be a significant hurdle, as 70 percent of K-12 schools currently lack the wireless network performance or wired broadband internet connectivity needed to make this a success, according to Compounding the problem is a new wireless standard, 802.11ac, which should be considered as part of […]

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? Faster and safer than typing a password. Just Knock. – YouTube

? Faster and safer than typing a password. Just Knock. – YouTube.

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Apple’s Environment Better Video – YouTube

[youtube] via Better – YouTube.

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