A grade two student would not need the same app that a grade eight student may need. Similarly, it may be necessary to limit the amount of screen time that students in younger grades are exposed to.

The content being downloaded may not be appropriate for the varying age groups of students using a shared device from the school library. Instead of a safe learning environment, students can access or be exposed to inappropriate websites.

Shared Chromebooks can still be a realistic and secure cost savings option for schools.

Chromebooks are an economical and practical option for schools. These devices in classrooms provide students with an enhanced learning experience. However, they do present security challenges.

Let ACSI make your modern school division safer for students. We will secure your Chromebooks and make safe learning a reality with our on premise or Cloud solution.

Learn how our Cloud-based security solution can help create a safe learning environment for your students to access the information they need.

Dean Townson and his team continue to provide IT-ET align solutions for education organizations across Alberta.

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