5 iPhone Camera Tips to Make You a Better Photographer

Many iPhone users rely entirely on the iPhone as their camera of choice, so why not take the best pictures possible? That’s what these Camera app tips are for, helping you snap better photos and making you a better photographer by taking advantage of some of the wonderful features that are built into the camera […]

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VR Tour Reflection from 20 years ago. Quicktime VR

Virtual Reality describes a range of experiences that enable a person to interact with and explore a spatial environment through a computer. These environments are typically artistic renderings of simple or complex computer models. Until recently, most VR applications required specialized hardware or accessories, such as high-end graphics workstations, stereo displays, or 3D goggles or […]

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Hoodman’s DSLR Adapter

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera – Insane

Blackmagic Cinema Camera   We have been thinking hard about cameras and some of the limitations in quality that video cameras run into. Working with DaVinci color grading has only made these limitations more noticeable. Some of the reasons why video cameras look like “video” is because they have limited contrast range, are limited to […]

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2011 NAB Show: Session Speaker: Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson, Art Director/Photographer/CEO, SoftBox Media LLC Ian Robinson is an instructor, designer and photographer. In his years of experience as a broadcast designer, he has worked with such clients as Discovery Communications and National Geographic International. His design experience translates directly into his courses. He has authored multiple titles on Motion and Cinema 4D […]

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Singular Software – PluralEyes

Skip Endless Hours of Tedious Manual Syncing Synchronize Video & Audio Clips Quickly & Affordably PluralEyes® works with your favorite video editing tool to instantly sync all of your multi-camera video and audio tracks – eliminating complicated camera set-ups, timecode, and hours of tedious manual syncing. Save time and money, reduce frustration, and free yourself […]

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Singular Software – DualEyes

DSLR cameras that shoot video have taken the world by storm. Although the pictures are gorgeous, it is hard to achieve the same level of quality for audio recorded onto the camera. The preferred solution is dual-system audio: capture sound on a separate recorder and substitute this for the camera audio in post-production. DualEyes™ makes […]

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DSLR Video Workflow for Finalcut Pro X – Abba Shapiro

Abba Shapiro Abba Shapiro is an award-winning writer/producer/director with over 25 years’ experience in video and film production. His production company, Shapiro Video & Multimedia, works in every format from DVCAM to HD to 35 mm film. Abba has done work for a wide range of commercial, corporate, and federal clients, including USA Today, The […]

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NAB Keynote Presenter – Rob Legato

After a career in Television for Paramount Pictures Rob Legato joined newly formed Digital Domain, the visual effects company founded by James Cameron, Stan Winston and Scott Ross. Rob’s impressive work led to Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13″ with Legato serving as the film’s visual effects supervisor. Mr. Legato earned his first Academy Award® nomination and […]

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Catalog all your data on Disks, DVDs, and CDs with NeoFinder!

NeoFinder  The disk and data library cataloger (digital asset manager) for the Apple Macintosh. NeoFinder (formerly known as CDFinder) rapidly catalogs your entire disk and media library, and backup archive. NeoFinder keeps track of your documents, photos, songs, movies, and folders wherever they are stored. NeoFinder is your digital treasure chest! Catalog everything – hard disks […]

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