Apple Classroom of Tomorrow: A Glimpse into the Past

How Have Our Practices Changed Since Apple’s ACOT Research Project? Apple Classroom of Tomorrow: A Glimpse into the PastApple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) began in 1985 with three classrooms in which every student had access to a desktop computer at school and at home. This 1:1 ratio in a classroom at this time when most schools […]

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ETAD Studio Reflection – Universal Design For Learning, Modalities and Multi-Access Learning

I had a great opportunity to get introduced to yet another variable of Universal Design For Learning (UDL) at the ETAD Studio conference hosted in Muenster, Saskatchewan. The yearly ETAD Studio event represents a three-day conference where educators, instructional design, innovation, and technology specialists meet to share current experiences and practices. One of the 2015 ETAD event speakers […]

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First eBook Publication – People, Education, Technology

Special thanks to Richard Schwier from the ETAD Master Program at the University of Saskatchewan.   The publication includes a number of ETAD Master program essays covering various topics around educational technology.  

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Cold Lake Reflection

Slow day of fishing but a great day to be out on the lake.  66 cm Laker caught in 10 feet of water. Nuts.

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Protected: Canada’s Third Apple Distinguished School – The Rest of the Story

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Distraction Addiction – Alex Pang

“Rather than being forced into a state of perpetual distraction, with all the unhappiness and discontent such a state creates, we can approach information technologies in a way that is mindful and nearly effortless and that contributes to our ability to focus, be creative, and be happy. “It’s an approach I call contemplative computing. “The […]

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How to Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk | Leadership Freak

10 ways to be an aggressive jerk-leader:Feel superior. Leverage the power of title. You deserve it.Focus on things you don’t want and don’t like.Let yourself feel pushed around until you feel the need to push back.Begin sentences with “You!” Make it about others.Expect others to meet your needs while you neglect theirs.Give direction without explanation.Feel sorry for […]

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? Moment of Discovery – Visionary Educational Leadership – What Does the Future Hold?

This video truly demonstrates how Apple envisioned education in the future. It is critical for every organization to have staff that can plan for a tomorrow that few can see. Leadership and risking taking are important elements when it comes to implementing or preparing for change. [youtube] via ? Moment of Discovery – YouTube.

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About Us | STEM Fuse – Curriculum Kick Starter

STEM Fuse was born in my mind in February of 2008. It left my mind and hit a square, bar height, kitchen table in Sartell, Minnesota in 2009. It now consists of 11 employees and at least that many more contributing contractors along with a second office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.Things have changed and […]

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Technology Visioning and Planning

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