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The SB21 Team was very excited to present at the ISTE 2017 summer conference in San Antonio, Tx. The ISTE conference marked the public release of the the LeaderShift 2020 professional learning series which provides prospective and practicing educational leaders throughout the globe with a comprehensive framework based on 6 pillars, 35 elements, and 229 indicators to foster the instructional leadership essential to promote modern schooling and, in turn, best prepare our students for their life and work in this unprecedented, complex and complicated world. SB21 Pulse Baseline Assessment

As a means of practicing what we preach, the SB21 Team has also created and aligned a robust online collaborative community platform to support the LeaderShift team members across the globe.

PD2Degree Community Updates

Lastly, we are working on a PD2Degree professional development project with Lamar University and Ramapo College. The goal is to provide an opportunity for passionate educations to participate our LeaderShift program as a means to obtain professional development credits or for post graduate degree credits. For future updates on our PD2Degree program please reference the SpringBoard21 website.

SpringBoard21 PD2Degree Updates

Meet The Team

and get to know us!

About Us

IT-ET Shift Happens
After twenty-five years in k-12 public Catholic education serving as a teacher, IT-ET support teacher, Director of Technology, and Associate Superintendent of Student Learning Services, Glenn decided to start his own educational consulting service (IT-ET Shift Happens) as an opportunity to work with educational leaders and stakeholders who are equally passionate about integrating and aligning technology to support modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices.

The Key Players

SpringBoard21 was co-founded in 2015 through the partnership of TMI Education Solutions, InfoSavvy21, and IT-ET Shift Happens. This unique partnership provides education solutions across the global education landscape, from K-12 to higher education. Our education solutions range from SpringBoard21 Pulse’s proprietary district-based data diagnostic to a customized professional development and consulting services, and more!

The SpringBoard21 global network of education consultants consists of highly experienced and passionate educators – we like to call them “Coaches” – who are trained to think of education in a “global, 21st-century” context as they serve specific local school district needs.

More specifically, our Coaches help provide district leadership with coaching and collaborative support in the areas of learning, leading and teaching in order to meet the challenges of the modern world. SpringBoard21 has worked with clients in more than 80 countries, including all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces.