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Next Gen Toys – AI and Siri On Steroids

Next Generation Toys Jean M. Twenge recently published a thought-provoking article titled “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation“. I will be the first to admit I haven’t read the “parenting book” from cover to cover and I have made my share of parenting mistakes. I am not sure any parent or technology company for that matter could anticipate […]

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Evidence of Technology Affecting Core Teaching

The Difficulties of Sustaining Change In a recent blog posting Dr. Larry Cuban describes the impact of technology on instructional practices and student learning. Dr. Larry Cuban highlights a couple trends that he has observed throughout his years of research: TTWWADI (That’s The Way We Always Do It) and epistomological biases and belief systems (building […]

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GameCraft and Post Secondary Student Engagement – eCampus News

Technology for a University of Michigan learning approach that employs video game-style strategy made its way to the market over the summer, and it has important implications for classroom technology use.The gameful instruction tool known as GradeCraft is now available to K-12 schools and universities, and a key university that promotes the use of technology […]

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Apple Classroom of Tomorrow: A Glimpse into the Past

How Have Our Practices Changed Since Apple’s ACOT Research Project? Apple Classroom of Tomorrow: A Glimpse into the PastApple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) began in 1985 with three classrooms in which every student had access to a desktop computer at school and at home. This 1:1 ratio in a classroom at this time when most schools […]

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Just Google It! Six Key Questions Teachers Need To Ask

Six Key Questions Teachers Need To Ask When Using Technology Within The Classroom At a recent TEDx event, Alan November highlights six important questions that teachers need to ask about their class assignments.       1. Do assignments foster critical thinking on the web? If the answered to all these questions is “no” then […]

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Best Foot Forward: Video Observation Toolkit | Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

Research-based Toolkit for Fast Forwarding Classroom Observations This toolkit provides practical guidance for education practitioners on using video observations to help teachers accelerate their development. Inside you will find four sections to help you start video observations in your school community. Each section includes a discussion of important lessons from the Best Foot Forward project, a study of […]

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ACSI – Controlling Online Access in Classrooms

Students in different grades have particular learning requirements A grade two student would not need the same app that a grade eight student may need. Similarly, it may be necessary to limit the amount of screen time that students in younger grades are exposed to. The content being downloaded may not be appropriate for the […]

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ASCD EDge – What EXACTLY Is Depth of Knowledge? (Hint: It’s NOT a Wheel!)

DOK-1: What is the knowledge? At this level, students are asked to acquire and gather the information they need to develop deeper knowledge and thinking.  They are asked mostly factual questions (who, what, where, when) about the texts and topics they are reading and reviewing.  They might also might be asked to recall or reproduce how or why a concept […]

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