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Given the rapid rate of change in the world and the impact of technology, teachers and students can not afford to rely on 20th-Century teaching, learning, and assessment models to solve 21st-Century problems. In a society where change is happening at an exponential rate; educating young people to be successful in this evolving world is no small task, but the consequences of failing to do so will be enormous. It is essential to move our educational practices beyond 20th-Century literacies and start to equip our students with modern literacy skills. Rethinking what we teach must come before we can rethink how we teach. Curriculum and instructional practices need to provide an engaging, relevant and problem-based learning experience designed to apply 21st-Century modern literacy skills. In Ted Rose’s Ted Talk “The Myth of Averages,” he speaks to how teachers can no longer design lessons that only meet the middle of the class. As the access and integration of technology increases within the classroom, educators can create instructional content in a variety of modalities and students can use the technology to assist in expressing their understanding of the instructional objectives like never before.

Leading Modern Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Practices

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30 years of

Leadership, Instructional Design & IT-ET experience.